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Our History

CFEA HISTORY (1969 – Present)

On August 5, 1969, Fremont City Council formally recognized the Fremont Association of City Employee (FACE) organization as the “majority representative” representing City employees in various job classifications. Since 1969, and as supported by the City’s RESOLUTION #9697, FACE remained the “majority representative” and “An Independent Public Employee Organization” until the 2014 establishment and formal election certification of CFEA.



The Fremont Association of City Employees (FACE) was established as an employee labor organization by City of Fremont employees, and officially recognized as “majority representative” by Fremont City Council without interruption since 1969.

FACE members have never been members of SEIU, and SEIU has never engaged or complied with any processes under the law in the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act, and the City’s own employee relations process Resolution #9697 to claim ownership of FACE members (City Employees).


In 1976, FACE members voted to affiliate and hire SEIU (formerly UPE) as subject matter experts only to represent and protect the labor rights and interest of the FACE organization and FACE membership, not to decertify FACE or become SEIU. In March 2013, majority FACE members exercised their rights under the law and voted to disaffiliate/fire (end FACE’s relationship) with SEIU effective April 1, 2013.

September 2013

In response to FACE’s disaffiliation of SEIU, SEIU chose not to challenge FACE’s internal disaffiliation election process with the FACE organization and membership. SEIU chose to attack the City by filing a false unfair labor practice charge against the City with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) claiming FACE no longer existed, and demanding the City recognize and negotiate only with SEIU as the “exclusive majority representative” for City employees represented under FACE.  In September 2013, the PERB Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) dismissed all charges filed by SEIU against the City, and fully recognized the continued existence of FACE as exclusive majority representative.

July 1, 2013

SEIU continues to deny the existence of FACE. SEIU continues to falsely claim FACE is defunct. SEIU continues to refuse to acknowledge FACE existence or engage in any negotiations with FACE at the table. And, SEIU continues to engage in a deliberate strategy to purposely harm City of Fremont employees/FACE members emotionally and financially by deny them any monetary and or benefit gains they may have received effective July 1, 2013, had SEIU not filed false charges against the City, and false claims against FACE.

November 2013

Since FACE recognition in 1969, FACE members have never submitted any petition to the City to conduct a FACE decertification election as the employee organization and exclusive “majority representative” representing City of Fremont employees, until November 2013. In January 2014, SEIU agreed to participate in the FACE decertification and was placed on the election ballot. However, in May 2014, SEIU /PERB stopped the FACE decertification election that could have resulted in SEIU being elected as exclusive “majority representative” voting FACE members.

Spring 2014

CA Labor Relations Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) ruled against SEIU unfair practice charge against the City of Fremont and claim FACE no longer existed permitting FACE to conduct a Representation Mail-In Election. Note: SEIU chose to remove SEIU from the FACE representation election ballot.

May 14, 2014 – June 1, 2014

Representation Mail-In Election

The Notice of Election for Fremont Association of City Employees (FACE) was posted on employee bulletin boards at various City of Fremont work locations. The election was administered by the California State Mediation and Conciliation Service.

June 2014

FACE members voted to decertify FACE and certify City of Fremont Employee Association (CFEA) self-represented labor organization to represent all former FACE members (CFEA is not affiliated with any national labor union).

City of Fremont Employee Association (CFEA) remains the organization as the “majority representative” and “An Independent Public Employee Organization” representing City employees in various job classifications as supported by the City’s RESOLUTION #9697.

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